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Warehousing & handling

Pallet storage, co-packing und container handling

As a professional logistics service provider, we can carry out a number of different activities for you in the areas of storage, palleting, order-picking and packing.

Our freight-friendly proximity to major seaports and advantaged facilities for container handling guarantee a quick turnaround:

– Headquarters at Bremer Kreuz on the A1 motorway Hamburg-Osnabrück and the A27 Bremerhaven-Hanover
– High-capacity container handling
– 12 lorry and container ramps

Your stock remains under automatic surveillance while it is with us. Stocktaking and goods inward checks can be carried out at any time.

Our co-packing, storage and handling services are as follows:

Pressurised disinfestation

Combat storage and textile pests

Storage-pests in tea, herbs or tobacco need bringing under control as quickly and effectively as possible in order to avoid surprises later on. The use of chemicals is undesirable as it can often affect the taste and smell of the goods.

Dry pet-food is also prone to infestation. Preventative, environmentally-neutral measures mean reassurance for both manufacturer and consumer alike.

Unwelcome guests can also find their way into warehouses, shops and homes on clothing or textiles. Infestation of this type is also best tackled by preventative biological measures.

We treat your goods carefully and effectively by using natural carbon dioxide (CO2) in our own pressurized disinfestation facilities. After only a few hours’ treatment stock is ready for further processing or for onward delivery. Elimination rates are almost 100%.

Contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Sorting & reconditioning

Sorting and reconditioning of textiles or white and brown goods

Is the number of faulty items from your suppliers disproportionately high? Do you have textiles or white or brown goods which require refurbishing before going on sale?

We can carry out the following for you – quickly and reliably:


If needed, we can produce detailed reports for your Quality Management Systems and for supplier-evaluations. Our extensive warehousing capacity and the product-handling know-how we have built up over many years mean we can receive, store and despatch your containers either to you or directly to your customers.

Please contact us, we will solve your problem!


Filling of scented oils and flavourings ready-for-sale

Whether it be valuable perfumes, concentrated flavourings or scented oils, large ex-factory production units need dividing up into smaller, consumer-friendly sizes.

And of course another important factor: attractive, space-maximising packaging to ensure that your products stand out on shelf.

In order to keep freight costs for these ‘generously’-packed products as low as possible on the one hand while being able, on the other, to make the most of global sourcing-opportunities for attractive packaging, flacons or bottles you should ideally be bringing packaging and contents together as close to the point of sale as possible.

We can help:

With our own filling lines for scents, flavourings, perfumes and oils we can typically fill and pack more than 50,000 100ml units a day.

Reduction of harmful substances

Reduction of harmful substances and odours in clothing

Do you import shirts, T-shirts, trousers, footware or other items of clothing? Do you commercialize insolvency or surplus stock?

Then you know the problem: despite careful checking and the most sustainable production methods possible harmful substances in clothing exceed legal limits. Or finished goods have an unpleasant odour on delivery.  

We can help:

Our efficient facilities can process large volumes on a daily basis. We can work directly both from and in sea-containers, store goods and, if required, sort and rework them.

Feel free to contact us – we have the answer to your problem.

Shrink wrapping

Film shrink-wrapping

You are looking to combine a number of small items into a new SKU? Or to create a new trade unit from several finished items of the same type?

Shrink wrapping in robust see-through film is the ideal solution. Combine promotional items with confectionery or toiletries for example. The transparent film holds everything together while the contents remain visible.

Or create promotion packs around one or more items, held securely together in shrinkfilm. No further packaging is required.

We assemble the unit to your specification, shrinkwrap it in film, then pack and despatch the finished article. We look forward to showing you the possibilities.

Quality assurance

Quality control for textiles or white and brown goods

Do you want to know the quality of your products prior to release? Or to know the failure-rate for deliveries of textiles or white and brown goods before they reach your warehouse?

Avoid unpleasant surprises: we use pre-set criteria and sampling to establish failure-rates before your goods reach the customer. Avoiding negative supplier reviews for you as a result. Not to mention costly complaints, returns and even recalls.

Thanks to our extensive warehousing capacity and our round-the-clock service we are able, if required, to check
significant quantities of identical items quickly and reliably for compliance with set quality standards (AQL).

As a specialist in reworking and refurbishment we can, if technically possible and desired, especially textiles and hardware post-treated so that the AQL quality standards are reliably maintained.

Please contact us, we will help quickly and professionally!

Logistic – location

Logistic – warehouse location

Our freight-friendly proximity to major seaports and advantaged facilities for container handling guarantee a quick turnaround:

Your stock remains under automatic surveillance while it is with us. Stocktaking and goods inward checks can be carried out at any time.

Do you have any questions for us? You can reach us at any time.

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