Product filling

We fill and pack
fast, uncomplicated, cost-effective

Perfume, scented oil, granulate or powder – we are your partner for product filling.
Whether liquids or dry products, large quantities or small batches – we fill your substances in the way you need them for their intended use.

How does filling work at KHS multiservice?

You deliver the product components to us on the agreed date, we take over and start filling your delivery in our plant at short notice. Depending on the customer’s wishes, we can either make the filled units available for collection or we can proceed directly to further processing if, for example, you would like us to pack your products in the desired containers in an appropriate or decorative way.
Abfuellung Khs Multiservice
Would you like to store or temporarily store your bottled goods with us? That’s no problem either, just contact us.

Before a good result...? Exactly, good advice.

Do you have precise ideas about which container to fill and what size and type of container is suitable for the safe onward transportation or professional storage of your products? Wonderful! If you are not sure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of filling and processing, we can put together a “Best Choice Catalog” for your project that matches your requirements, wishes and budget.

What are my benefits at a glance?


We fill your liquid or dry substances into the target media of your choice. These can be feed granules in large volumes or containers, but also small perfume series, which we fill into flacons and pack "ready for display".


Your goods are your capital. In this respect, you can rely not only on a product-adequate and quality-assuring filling process, but also on careful handling of your goods from delivery to storage to return.


With our own system for filling liquids, room fragrances or dry products, we are able to fill and package more than 50,000 units of 100 ml per day. Need it fast? - We can always find a solution at short notice.

Well positioned

Our customers include companies from the consumer goods, food and animal feed industries. Thanks to our wide-ranging industry and product expertise, we can provide you with advice and support every day.

Do you have any questions? You can contact us at any time.